You can now download and read our latest Finsbury Park Life autumn/winter newsletter. This edition is focused on highlighting the wide range of activities available in Finsbury Park.

We have invited user groups to contribute a small item on their activities, with useful links for those wishing to become involved.

Much has happened since the summer, some welcome developments, such as the state-of-the-art ball courts which were opened in early November, and confirmation from Haringey Council that they had removed all areas of Finsbury Park Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) from their Site Allocation plans for the development of the Rowans site.

Less welcome, was the considerable disruption and damage inflicted by the Wireless Festival occupation of the park for many weeks at the height of summer. We have included updates.

We have tried to fit in as much as we can, so please do let us know what items you would like to see covered in our next newsletter. If you have any photographs, articles, etc. linked to Finsbury Park, we would be happy to include them in future editions.

Please click here to download.