On Monday 4th january we received the following event application from Haringey Council for an Adidas product launch and PR event which would occupy large areas of Finsbury Park for 21 days in February. As you can see from the response date, we have less than two weeks to respond as the event is planned for early February.

Our view is that Haringey Council should not give us such short notice (less than 14 days) of an event where much of the relevant information has not been included or determined. Nothing is said about the start and finish times of the main event (other than on arrival and departure days) but the applicant has indicated that they want to operate later into the evening. Another critical element would be whether there would be loud ‘motivational’ music associated with the promotion.

Given that Adidas would be in the Park for three weeks, the scale and location would need to be known well before the deadline of the 18th January. We would also like to know what Adidas are paying Haringey.

Whilst we want alternative income generation to Wireless, we do need to be cautious about over corporatisation of park space and suspicious of commercial promotions wrapped up as good health or community initiatives.

We have contacted Haringey Council to try to get more information about the event. If you have any views please contact us or tweet @FinsParkFriends.

You can of course let the council know what you think by contacting Haringey Council Event Organiser thema.channer2@haringey.gov.uk. Full event application follows;


Haringey Event Office

Council Name: Haringey Event Office
Ref No: HGY02542
Sent From: Thema Channer
Please respond to: thema.channer2@haringey.gov.uk
Phone: 02084891418


adidas Pure Boost X launch 11th February 2016


Hello and a Happy New Year!

Please provide any feedback/comments by 18th January 2016.


Event Detail:

Title of event: adidas Pure Boost X launch
Venue: Finsbury Park
On site at (Prep): 08/02/2016 09:00:00
Start time: 11/02/2016 11:00:00
Finish time: 25/02/2016 21:00:00
Off site (clear up): 28/02/2016 17:00:00
Max number of attendees: 100
Audience Profile: Families, Young People
Is the event ticketed?: No
Is the event open to public?: Yes
Invited guests only?: No
Type of Event: Launch/promotional, Community, Sporting, Corporate, Other

Event Description:
In February 2016, adidas will launch their Pure Boost X range – a Female only running trainer, which generates energy for you as you use them. Pure Boost X has 4 key pillars – Fitness, Style, Health and Community which are the driving force behind everything the brand does. The UK launch activity is focusing on the X, which comes from the X chromosome and our activity will be in 2 elements. Element 1 – The ‘X’ unit We will build a giant X shaped stand (X from a birds-eye view, not stacked) with each leg being a zone representing each of the brand pillars listed above. Each zone is tailored to the desires and preferences of our girls, while pulling in the wider assets of the brand. Fitness = Try the shoe / Style = Dress feet up / Health = Get a Boost / Community / Join the movement. The X will showcase the product, but also provide hints and tips to help boost performance, product trial and demonstration, exclusive content and content capture and sharing opportunities as well as help generate a community of like-minded individuals around running. Element 2 – The running circuit Alongside other media activity, we will be building community and helping women run at one of the most difficult times of year. Using the X as a central hub, we will create an illuminated, high tech and exciting running track/course around an area of the park, which would enable our girls to continue running slightly later into the evening than usual. There will be gadgets and gizmos for the runners to wear, plus lighting, illuminations and graphics which change as more energy is generated by the runners. The track/course would be visually impactful, providing the runners themselves with an incredible experience whilst also being a very PRable talking point for both adidas and the park/borough. We would obviously need to have further discussions about the area of the park we can use and any regulations and guidelines you may have regarding alterations/additions to the parks infrastructure – this is a key element of the activity, so we will need to discuss how this can work.

What benefits will this event bring to the local community?

Community is key to this activity, we are creating something to encourage more females into running, enabling them to get involved in a physical and communal sense with what we produce. Outlined by Element 2 above, we want to create a safe haven for women to run during the dark, cold winter nights of February and boost the number of participants which significantly drops at this time of year.