On the morning of Friday 24th, February at 11:30, despite unabated public concern, the Council Leader signed the go-ahead for a new Wireless in Finsbury Park, plus a slew of further large events (Cllr. Kober substituted for the Cabinet member for the Environment who was not able to attend).

Read full Agenda and Minutes here

Representatives of the Friends of Finsbury Park who attended the Cabinet Member Signing, were Vice Chairman Eldridge Culverwell and Trustees Barbara Baughan and Cllr. Clive Carter.

The two non-Councillors were not permitted to speak by the meeting Chair as they had not provided five days notice, however Cllr. Carter made the following points, among others:

  • It was pointed out that Wireless were already selling tickets before the Signing off by the Local Authority, as they have in the past, that suggests great confidence by Wireless that their show would be approved
  • That the (annual) six or eight sound locations where Vanguardia measure sound pressure, may allow for comparability or consistency, but we do not have confidence in them as are not representative of the noise nuisance as experienced. Questions about who chose these sites and why were not allowed
  • That we may consider a challenge to the underlying Licence itself for major events in our park
  • That the Council was aware that the FoFP object in principle to events of this size
  • That the Wireless and the extra events could form part of the case that we are bringing to the Court of Appeal
  • The Council Leader confirmed that she had read the reasons given by Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Lewison when he allowed our Appeal to be heard by the Court of Appeal

The Friends’ challenge to the Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park is now to be heard by the Court of Appeal in either October or November 2017.

In giving the Friends permission to bring their case before the Appeal Courts, Lord Justice Lewison said that the case raised a point of considerable importance for London local authorities; and in giving the Open Spaces Society permission to make submissions in the appeal, the Lord Justice also said that the issue in the appeal is of importance to London open spaces and parks.