There was certainly an excellent turnout at Friday’s Green Flag Award raising ceremony for Queen’s Wood (off Muswell Hill Road). It also served to mark the same award going to the Parkland Walk, which sports a brand-new flagpole, just inside the Holmesdale Road entrance.


The big cake – cut by the Mayor (pictured) – recorded the figure of ’23’. This refers to the number of parks throughout Haringey Borough that have received a Green Flag Award. The lower, rectangular part of the cake also featured the widely-discussed new Haringey Council logo (this time in green). The upper, cylindrical part of the cake depicts a tree trunk with autumn leaves around the base.

Alongside the main cake were 24 little cup cakes each of which featured a little flag with the name of a park with a Green Flag Award. Why 24? Down Lane Park was flagged up twice!


There was a big turnout of Friends-of-Parks groups from throughout the Borough and the turnout of cakes – and the concept – was a fine effort by the council’s Parks Department.

The attendees at the flag ceremony included the Mayor of Haringey, and five other councillors; parks activist Mr. Martin Ball, four police officers, members of the public, representatives from several Friends groups and the Parks Forum, Groundwork, allotments and many from the Parks Department.

Finsbury Park has been a Green Flag Award park since 2007