We have just heard that, on the last day of the appeal window, Live Nation has now appealed against the imposition of new conditions by the Licensing Committee (LSC) in its decision of 22nd October and has, we understand, filed the appeal with Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

The two main grounds of appeal are against the new noise conditions imposed on the licence and the earlier closing on Sunday, which were put forward by the Friends of Finsbury Park.

Read the Live Nation appeal notice here: https://www.thefriendsoffinsburypark.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Notice-of-Appeal.pdf

At the Licence Hearing, the LSC agreed that our new noise conditions were fair and reasonable. But Live Nation have stated in their appeal notice that;

‘Wireless Festival is unlikely to be commercially viable or practically feasible with such bass levels or with such sound levels on the adjoining Seven Sisters Road. Headline artists will be deterred from appearing and the enjoyment of the audience will be materially diminished, to the extent that extensive audience complaints about low sound levels will be received, there will be an adverse response on social media and the worldwide reputation of the Complainant will be affected.’

Showing further disregard for local residents on a Sunday evening, before children return to school on Monday, and in relation to another of our conditions agreed by the LSC, to stop alcohol being sold after 9am on Sunday and the event finishing half an hour early on Sunday at 9:30pm, Live Nation state that;

‘It will be seriously damaging to the commerciality and attractiveness of the event. Headline artists of international repute will not be interested in finishing their performance at 9:30pm before it is even dark enough for an effective light show as part of the climax the act. The audience will complain about early closing and the reputation of the event and the premises licence holder will suffer.’

The Friends of Finsbury Park are dismayed that big business in the form of Live Nation has decided to attempt to overturn the decision of democratically elected councillors who heard evidence from local residents and councillors from 3 boroughs over the course of two evenings at Haringey Town Hall and were evidently persuaded that Live Nation has been causing a public nuisance.

Haringey Council must now defend the decision by the LSC to impose new conditions on the licence. We are still waiting to hear what the Council intend to do and will update you as soon as we have more information.

Thanks to your help we have now raised over £7000 for our legal costs for bringing a licence review before the LSC, which has covered most of those costs.  However, we now need to raise monies for our legal costs of taking part in Live Nation’s appeal in the Magistrates’ Court.

To donate please click this link: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/wireless-festival-licence-review/

The Friends of Finsbury Park have instructed Susan Ring of Harrison Grant solicitors and barrister Charles Streeten of Francis Taylor Building, and noise expert Richard Vivian of Big Sky Acoustics.

Read the LSC decision letter here: https://hglaw.egnyte.com/dl/Maz7xd79L3