As you may have noticed, work has been going on, on the ball court area opposite the main cafe in Finsbury Park. Haringey Council plan to create several new ball courts including badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and netball and they will be free to use!

Unfortunately we don’t have a finish date yet, but here is the latest update from the Haringey Council;

New Facilities

  • One badminton court
  • Two table tennis tables
  • Two full size basket ball courts with extra side basket
  • Two half basketball courts
  • Three volleyball courts
  • Two netball courts

Haringey Council, “This project was originally scheduled to commence in Spring 2015, but had to be rescheduled for financial reasons. Unfortunately the rescheduling meant starting in Summer and having to be fitted around the contractors busy Summer programme. The final product will be of tennis court standard, the surface having been converted to a porous construction allowing water to drain down through the courts back to the watercourse levels beneath. The baskets are from USA and are designed for the largest men to swing on the rings without damage. We have also been able to reclaim some tarmac areas and convert them to grass, as well as accessing the railway land for us to treat the Japanese Knotweed which could threaten the new surface.

This is fantastic news for the park and the ball courts look amazing. Finsbury Park has even gained a bit more green space as large section in front of the new ball courts has been turfed!