I have lived in Harringay all my life and have happy childhood memories of Finsbury Park.  The park was where my father took me and my younger brother when the strain of looking after two small children whilst still living with her parents and older brother and sister became too much for my mother.  She is now in her eighties, with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and vascular dementia.  I take her to the park – she has a sweet tooth and a slice of Victoria sponge cake from the cafe always goes down well.  Also, one is never too old to feed the ducks or watch a group of fluffy grey cygnets grow up into elegant white swans.  As my mother’s full-time carer, the park is an easily accessible place for exercise, refreshment and recreation.  I am there most days, usually early morning for some quiet time in a beautiful green space.  London’s parks are one of the city’s greatest treasures and should be treasured.