Trees Cut Back in Finsbury Park

We were concerned recently to see three mature trees at the Hornsey Gate entrance of Finsbury Park pollarded (cut back) very heavily. Whilst there may have been a reason for this, Haringey Council did not let us know before hand and this has been done without any prior notice or consultation.

After emailing the Haringey Council Tree & Nature Conservation Manager, Alex Frazer, he sent this reply:

The three trees are over mature Poplars that have previously been managed by pollarding (removal of all previous new growth). Trees managed this way are usually re-pollarded on a cyclical basis (every 3-7 years). A large branch snapped out recently, so an inspection was carried out and the officer recommended that all three trees be re-pollarded. The officer also noted some fungal brackets on two of the trees. Further investigations will be carried out in the near future to determine the levels of decay in their trunks.

It is not usual practice to consult ‘Friends groups’ when tree are subject to general maintenance. However, we will notify you when trees are to be removed. Decisions on the maintenance and removal of trees are taken by qualified and experienced Arboricultural officers and are based on the policies contained in the Councils Tree Strategy, which was drafted in accordance with industry published guidance and best practice.

We have asked to be kept informed of all tree removal and pollarding in the future.