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The application of the Friends of Finsbury Park for a licence review is to be heard on 15th and 16th October 2018 from 7 pm onwards by the Haringey Licensing Sub-Committee at Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green N22 8LE. The Friends will be represented by a barrister, Charles Streeten of Francis Taylor Buildings and a noise expert Richard Vivian of Big Sky Acoustics Ltd, instructed by our solicitor, Susan Ring of Harrison Grant.

We are asking Haringey Council (the Council) to revoke the Premises Licence issued to Live Nation (Music) UK Ltd for Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park, on the grounds of the prevention of a) crime and disorder and b) public nuisance.

As this is such an important issue, many of you having sent in representations or voiced your concern, we would invite you all to attend if possible either on 15th or 16th October or both. The hearing is open to anyone and it is essential we have a large turnout so the Licensing Sub-Committee can see that the community does care about this issue.

Wireless Festival is too big for Finsbury Park. It is a massive multi-million pound music event. It is almost impossible to comprehend its vast scale and the impact it has on Finsbury Park and residents of Haringey, Islington and Hackney Council.

The major concerns raised by Friends of Finsbury Park are those of noise, anti-social behaviour and crime. Islington Council’s representation highlights its own concerns about noise, insufficient management of anti-social behaviour and crime, parking, traffic, street cleaning, capacity and safe egress.

Our application for a licence review

We have filed a noise report and witness statements in support of our application. Our noise expert has identified that the noise condition attached to the Premises Licence is not fit for purpose, is ineffective and does not control low frequency bass noise.

Residents have submitted witness statements in support of our application, identifying issues such as intolerable noise at their homes, crime and anti-social behaviour including drug dealing, drug taking, aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse, intimidation, brawling, drinking in the street, public urination.

What we are hoping to achieve

We want Haringey’s Licensing Committee to revoke the Premises Licence so that Wireless Festival can no longer take place in Finsbury Park. The Park already makes income for the Council from smaller events such as the circus and funfairs, and location filming. We’d like the Council to work with us to find alternative, more imaginative, streams of income which are more appropriate in type and scale for our wonderful Park, and inclusive of the local community.

Progress of the application for a licence review

The Council advertised our application for a licence review and asked for any representations to be made by 2 August 2018. We have now received from the Council very many representations made by residents in support of our application together with a forthright representation from Islington Council setting out their and their residents’ concerns about Wireless.

Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for the review

We now need to raise funds to pay our barrister, solicitor and noise expert to present our case as effectively as possible before the Licensing Committee. We are looking to raise at least £8,000.

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