We have just received some more advice and clarification on some key points regarding licence review representations, from the Haringey Licensing Authority: 

  • All four licensing objectives are in consideration. The determination of the review will be based only on the four licensing objectives.
  • Residents representations are not limited to the year specified by the FofFP reasons for the review.
  • Representations must relate one or more of the licensing objectives. 
  • Reps must contain names and addresses as well as clear links to the Licensing objectives to be accepted as valid representations. 
  • The licence is in the name of Live nation (Music UK) Ltd and events under the licence have been managed by Festival Republic.
  • All parties that make valid representation will be written to to advise of the LSC hearing date in due course. 
  • The hearing takes the form of a discussion between the parties with all matters going via the Chair of the LSC.
  • Representations can be submitted to licensing@haringey.gov.uk
  • The closing date for representations is 2nd August.
  • Notification of a hearing date will be sent out after the expiry date shown above


Our challenge

We have challenged the Premises Licence for Live Nation (Wireless Festival) for the failure to uphold the Licensing Objectives of The Prevention of Crime and Disorder & Public Nuisance. If we are successful the review will go to a Licensing Committee and ultimately the licence can be revoked.

It’s useful to think of a Licensing Committee as a minor Court, which it is in a sense as it is discharging Statutory Duties. Although court standards of evidence may not apply, it’s helpful to think of it that way.

The Wireless organiser (Live Nation) must promote these four licensing objectives. Ideally and in order to be most effective, representations should as far as possible relate to one or more of the four Statutory Licensing Objectives:

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder
  2. Public safety
  3. The prevention of public nuisance
  4. The protection of children from harm

We had many complaints of excessive noise and bass frequencies for shaking local homes during Wireless last year for example, and we already have evidence from an independent sound monitoring report we had done in 2017, that showed noise levels too loud, and noise conditions not fit for purpose within the licence.

Making a representation

Anyone can make a representation if you feel strongly that you have been affected or witnessed any licensing objective that has been breached. Any representation you send in must be done by 2nd August so there is not much time. We have now put together some information to help you make a representation.

Evidence that is given only in writing, will form part of the Agenda Pack given to the Committee Members and published on the website. Evidence given in person may be subject to cross-questioning, by any party at the Hearing. The Hearing itself is recorded.

  • It should avoid hearsay. Eg. my neighbour’s friend’s nephew heard that ABC.
  • Direct personal evidence is the strongest evidence and that is most likely to be taken seriously by the committee.
  • It should relate to the particular Licence in question and to the Licensing Objectives. (Live Nation Premises Licence)
  • It should not relate to general Finsbury Park problems nor any that are not directly related to Wireless and Live Nation/Festival Republic.

Here are some links to Haringey’s website that are relevant and should help:

Our challenge:


A guide to making representations:


A general overview:


We also recommend copying in a representation to your local councillor (in whichever Borough you live).

You can send in your representation by post or email to:

Licensing Team
Level 1 – North – River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

Email: licensing@haringey.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8489 1335 – Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4pm.