A mother who was attacked while walking with her young child through Finsbury Park has spoken to the Friends of Finsbury Park about her ordeal.

She said ‘I was taking my 15 month old daughter to nursery at about 8.15am on Friday morning, walking from the Oxford Road entrance to Finsbury Park Gate on Seven Sisters Road, as I did most mornings, when I spotted a young man dumping bread and bagels in the lower children’s playground. When I politely told him that it probably wasn’t a good idea that he did that as the bread and bagels would attract rats, he shouted and started to chase me and proceeded to punch me in the back of the head, ear and upper body.

‘I ran from the park screaming with the attacker still throwing punches when a group of people came to help. As I exited the gate I fell and the pushchair and I went over. I turned to see a young lady who was trying to stop the attacker get punched in the face by him.

‘If the ladies weren’t there, I’m sure it would be a different story. As you can imagine I’m terribly distressed.

‘Finsbury Park is a ticking time-bomb and it is only a matter of time until someone is killed. There is obvious antisocial behaviour that happens in the park – obvious drug dealing, violence etc.

‘I have been a Hackney and Islington resident over the past 15 years and just can’t understand, especially given the concerts etc, why Finsbury Park is such a feral and dangerous place.’

She added ‘I’d also really like to personally thank the young lady that tried to get the guy off me and got a punch to the face. I feel terribly sorry for her’.

The woman has contacted her MP, Catherine West, who is also concerned about the attack. She said ‘The victim contacted me on Friday and I wrote to the police urgently. I also have a meeting coming up this week with the council Chief Executive as there are improvements which could be made to the park.’

Police were called to the scene but were unable to find the man, who is described as being white, in his thirties, wearing a black hooded top and black joggers. He had a distinctive looking dark auburn beard. The victim believes, from his accent, that he may be Eastern European.

If anyone has any information about this attack do please contact Haringey police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.