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New Tree Trail App

Did you know there is a Giant Redwood tree in Finsbury Park? Our new smart phone app will help you to find and identify 16 different trees in the Finsbury Park. It highlights the location of each tree, provides some information about the tree and tells you how to get to the next one in the trail.…

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More Trees Removed

The sad sight of a lone tree surrounded by further deforestation at the site where the three large trees were recently pollarded, as yet again more trees and bushland are cleared from Finsbury Park. We are very concerned, as the Haringey Council Tree & Nature Conservation Manager has said that this was, “because there is…

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Trees Cut Back in Finsbury Park

We were concerned recently to see three mature trees at the Hornsey Gate entrance of Finsbury Park pollarded (cut back) very heavily. Whilst there may have been a reason for this, Haringey Council did not let us know before hand and this has been done without any prior notice or consultation. After emailing the Haringey Council Tree…

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