As the Protect London's Parks Campaign gathers momentum, three generations of Friends of Finsbury Park Chairs met with the Friend’s patron, Jeremy Corbyn MP on Friday who gave his full support to our campaign and expressed his concern over the use of commercial events in Finsbury Park. He said, "I know and love Finsbury Park, but it needs to be a park for all, all of the time, which means management and restrictions of all events in the times of year that the park is occupied by these events."

Jeremy also raised the prospect of discussing new policies/legislation with his shadow environment minister for the restriction of the use of public spaces for private events. Should we win our legal case, we would set a legal precedent and a London-wide cap on the number of days a year that parks can be rented out, and the size of events. And our case will have benefits to local authority parks all over the country as well, as restrictions to the amount of days a year parks are allowed to be used for commercial events, will be applied.

Our case is of vital importance to local authority public parks. As has been highlighted by Haringey Council’s proposals for next summer’s events in Finsbury Park, applications have already been made for the closures of the Park for up to 6 large-scale events. This means that large areas of the Park would be closed for up to 10 weeks of the summer, just on the basis of the information received so far. We anticipate that further event applications may be on the way.

  • Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May - Festival Republic music event, capacity 20k daily
  • Friday 1, Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 June - Ground Control Productions music event, capacity 45k daily
  • Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 June - Slammin’ Events music event, capacity 10k – 12k daily
  • Friday 29, Saturday 30 June & Sunday 1 July - Festival Republic Community Event, capacity 45k daily
  • Friday 6, Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 July - Festival Republic Wireless Event, capacity 45k daily
  • Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 September - Slammin’ Events music event, capacity 10k - 12k daily

The Friends of Finsbury Park legal action is not about banning events in public parks outright. If we win the appeal, the ruling will not ban commercial events, but it will restrict the number of days of events, and the size of events, to a level that is sustainable and continues to preserve London parks as areas of tranquillity and natural beauty, free and open to all.

A huge thank you to all who have donated so far, but we still need to raise more money. This is a 'test case' of critical nationwide importance for councils and public spaces in London and beyond so please show your support and donate now!

Please show your support and donate now!