We have been crowd funding to raise money for a legal challenge to stop Haringey Council staging Wireless Festival and similar major events in Finsbury Park. After reviewing the relevant legislation it is our view that Haringey Council does not have the power to hold Wireless Festival.

Last year’s Wireless Festival was held during the hottest weekends of the summer, attracting crowds of around 50,000 per day and closing off nearly a third of the park to the public for weeks. The destructive legacy of Wireless is clear, as the environmental damage caused by the event is still apparent and much will never recover.

Thanks to your help, after only one week, we have raised over £6000!

We still need to raise more money in order to bring judicial review, so please share this link: www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/save-finsbury-park with friends, family and anyone you can think of who would support our case.

Our campaign to stop Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park is gathering pace and we are getting more and more support every day, as people begin to understand the wider implications of what is happening to public parks, as councils seek to put on huge, unmanageable events like Wireless despite the devastating environmental impact, exclusion of park users and antisocial behaviour.

How can the Council justify the use of impenetrable, prison-like perimeter fences with watchtowers and search lights in a public park? How can the Council allow the park to become a closed-off works site during summer in the weeks of set-up and take-down? Why have they considered no alternatives?

Parks budgets are being slashed, and if we are to secure the future of our green spaces, we must look at alternative ways to bring in income and expand our ideas to look at community based park management schemes, new partnerships and events that are more appropriate for the spaces they are in and don’t exclude local people. These ideas will form the foundations for a better, more sustainable future for all parks.

Please join the Friends of Finsbury Park if you would like to be part of shaping the future of the Park. Help us put these ideas to Haringey Council. We want to hear what you have to say and put forward ideas and plans that will benefit the Park and the local community. If enough of you get behind these initiatives the Council will have to listen and engage with us all.

You can read more about our campaign to stop Wireless in Finsbury Park and our crowd funding here:

Please pledge now: www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/save-finsbury-park

Thank you for your continued support.