As Haringey Council prepare to host Festival Republic’s Wireless 2017 in Finsbury Park, local residents are already questioning the branding of another Festival Republic event, Community Festival, to be held the week before on Saturday 1st July.

Community Festival is a £35 per ticket, 35,000 capacity, ticket only event with no local community involvement as the name might suggest, and will impact on genuine community events to be held in and around Finsbury Park on the same day.

We have had to cancel the Hope Space Community Clean up on July 1st due to the high levels of noise and disruption likely from the festival, and Community Festival also clashes with St Aidan’s and Stroud Green Primary School’s Summer Fairs, taking place on the same day. Both will be affected due to their close proximity to the park.

Haringey Council have said

‘From the Council’s perspective the event is classified and charged as a ‘commercial event’, and not a ‘community event’, as detailed in the Outdoor Events Policy 2014.’

The extra event will see major closures of Finsbury Park over two weeks before Wireless 2017, closing large areas for almost a month.

How does Wireless 2017 affect you?

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