With no warning or prior knowledge, a new barrier has appeared in the park today closing off even more of the park. At a Finsbury Park Stakeholder meeting we were made aware of the use of a security ‘moat’ with fencing and watchtowers, but when we asked the Council for further information and to tell us why the new barrier wasn’t shown on the residents leaflet we were told,

‘The site map which was presented at the stakeholder presentation is a working document therefore contains a lot more detailed information on the build than the map used in the residents’ letter.

We purposely didn’t provide a key to the map as some information contained in the site plan, especially connected with the security of the site, is confidential information and we didn’t want this to be shared in the wider public domain. As this site map was posted on the Friends of FP website following the meeting, I feel that withholding the key was the right and sensible thing to do. Therefore for that reason I am unable to provide you with the information you have requested concerning the moat and watch towers.’

We find it astounding that information about the barriers has been withheld. Vital information about access to areas of the park has deliberately been denied from park users leaving many unsure of where they can go. If there is such a risk to security, why is this event being held in a public park?


As the time of writing Haringey Council still have not released this information.