Wireless setup had started a day earlier than the scheduled date of 30th June, as heavy vehicles enter the park.  Already, a large number of vehicles, cranes, fencing storage and materials are on the parking area as articulated lorries enter one in, one out.

This years Wireless is set to be the biggest every with an extra layer of fencing and security watchtowers more akin to prison camps to create a no man’s land all around the occupation. However, this is not marked on the recent Wireless Residents Leaflet you may have received, so we’re trying to get more information from Haringey Council to let us know exactly what to expect.


You may also have noticed red and blue markers around the park today on short wire spikes with spray painted numbers on the grass presumably to mark out certain areas. Be careful if you have young kids or dogs as they are sharp at the top and toddler height! Again we were told setup would start on Thursday, so this  is something residents  have not been informed of.

We still believe the council doesn’t have the power to hold these events so we are appealing against the judges decision to dismiss our claim.  As a result of the judge’s decision, Haringey Council are able to use Finsbury Park to do whatever they want, but this isn’t just about Finsbury Park any more. Indeed, because of the judge’s decision any council in London now has the power to do what they want in a park for as long as they want.  Unless we challenge the relevant legislation and force some kind of precedent to protect parks, these type of events will grow larger and more frequent and our parks will become outdoor venues, promoted for major festivals and commercial events, excluding the local community.


But there is a greater body of opinion growing against these huge commercial events. Other park groups and organisations from all over the country have contacted us with similar stories of huge events, lasting damage, public disorder, long park closures and uncommunicative councils. Groups and residents are being pushed too far, beyond the realms of human exceptance, by being told that this has to happen.

No matter how much councils need money, or how dire the situation is with park budgets, we must act now to stop this kind of commercial abuse of parks and green spaces and get our councils to talk to residents, involving us all, creating ideas and initiatives to help fund parks and green spaces. We need to save our parks, not destroy them. These are sacred spaces.

Keep you eyes peeled and contact us if you have any queries regarding Wireless setup.