We have now received the Wireless Festival 2016 event application. We now have less than 10 days to send in a formal response. Important details are scarce, but we do know that the event will yet again close huge areas of Finsbury Park to residents and Park users at the height of summer.

It seems that in an attempt to appease residents and Park users, the organisers Festival Republic (Live Nation) have ‘dressed-up’ the application with a so called community/charity event the weekend before. We highly suspect they may use this to add another day onto the same weekend taking the total number of event days to 5.

Haringey Council have also stated that this event application is only open for Stakeholders to comment on, and not for the public, thus denying the voice of residents and park users whose opinions and past experiences matter the most. In effect the whole consulation process will take place behind closed doors, where the council can keep it under their control.

We have attached the application for you to see as we believe that residents’ voices should be heard, so we urge you to read the following application and send your objections in using any/all of the suggestions listed below.

How to Object:

  1. Object to your local Ward Councillors by sending an email to them via the excellent website, WriteToThem.com. It is an extremely easy and quick process. All you’ll need to do is type in your postcode, then you will be given a list of your local Ward Councillors. You will then be able to send an email to all three at once, automatically, by using the email template. All the councillors email addresses will be filled in for you and your Councillors will have to respond within 14 days. Click here to go to WriteToThem.com
  2. Write to local MP Catherine West who objected to the original proposal to have concerts in Finsbury Park. You can contact her in the same way you’d contact your local Ward Councillors using WriteToThem.com. Click here to go to WriteToThem.com, or via email catherine.west.mp@parliament.uk
  3. Object by sending an email in to both of the Haringey Council Events Officers, Sarah Jones and Thema Channer clicking on the following links, Sarah.Jones@haringey.gov.uk (Events and Partnerships Manager), thema.channer2@haringey.gov.uk (Events Officer)
  4. Object to the organisers, Festival Republic: info@festivalrepublic.com

We will keep you updated with regular posts and updates so please follow us on twitter, and follow us on Facebook.

With your support, we can make a difference.

Festival Republic Park Hire Application – Stakeholder Consultation

Council Name: Haringey Event Office
Ref No: HGY02419
Sent From: Sarah Jones
Please respond to: sarah.jones@haringey.gov.uk


Dear Stakeholder,

This notification marks the start of the 10 day stakeholder consultation period regarding the application made by Festival Republic to use Finsbury Park this summer.
You should have already received a letter via email providing further detail on the application. If you didn’t receive this please let me know and I will forward it on to you.

Kind regards, Sarah

Please respond before: 02 March 2016

Event Detail:

Title of event: Finsbury Park Concerts. Wireless Festival
Venue: Finsbury Park
On site at (Prep): 25/06/2016 08:00:00
Start time: 02/07/2016 10:00:00
Finish time: 10/07/2016 23:00:00
Off site (clear up): 15/07/2016 18:00:00
Other information: during the event days some stage trucks will need to change over after the events
Max number of attendees: 45000
Audience Profile: Families, Young People, Older People, Other
Is the event ticketed?: Yes
Is the event open to public?: Yes
Invited guests only:? No
Type of Event: Community, Music festival

Event Description:

Finsbury Park Concerts will likely be a 2 stage music event held on 2nd July. Planned to include a community/charity event, The Wireless Festival will likely be a 2 or 3 stages music event held on 8th, 9th & 10th July.

What benefits will this event bring to the local community?

The charity event will bring an amazing event to the borough and benefit a national/regional charity greatly. The other events will bring a great opportunity to the park and help raise the profile of the park and area nationally as a venue.

Organiser Details:

Organiser: Festival Republic Ltd
Contact Name: Nicky Hodgson
Contact email: nicky@festivalrepublic.com
Organiser’s Address: 35 Bow Street, London
Emergency contact on the day: Nicky Hodgson
Contact number: 02070093000
Previous event management experience: We have produced outdoor concerts and events since 1989, including numerous in Finsbury Park.

Event Safety Information:

  1. Will you have a communication method between staff and crew during the event that is consistent and reliable? internal radio comms, as well as mobiles and landlines.
  2. Will you have means of preventing and fighting fires during the event? we will agree a fire safety plan with LFB, with a site wide risk assessment, operational staff and equipment throughout the set up/events and breakdown.
  3. Will you have a means of ensuring that temporary structures are structurally safe and legally compliant? we will work with Building Control and also internally ensure that all contractors are competent, and we employ a structural engineer to sign all structures off prior to use.
  4. Will you have a clear safe method of evacuating the event in an emergency? we will submit and agree our emergency plan with the SAG through the Event Management Plan
  5. Will you have a green and sustainable policy for your event? we have a year round sustainability officer for our events and so this is a routine part of our planning.
  6. Will you have a method of looking after lost children or searching for missing children? we will have a welfare facility on site that will manage our missing/absent policy, in conjunction with security.
  7. Will you have facilities for those with disabilities attending your event? we have a disability coordinator that works year round with us and our planning takes the requirements into account.
  8. Any other Event Safety Information? we will also have a health and safety team working on site with the sole role of safety management. this includes food safety, noise at work, water safety etc

If any of the activities above are marked as YES – Please insert details in event plan:

Required Consents and Permissions:

  1. Will there be any Food vendors at the event? we work with a single company that will sub contract all the units in. food, water, waste and gas safety management are a requisite of our use of them. we also do on site inspections of each unit.
  2. Will there be any stalls and concessions selling items at the event? Approximately 40 food traders and 5 bars / soft drinks.
  3. Will the event require any road closure orders or notices? tbc at this stage
  4. Will the event include the sale of alcohol? we will use an established bar provider for the bars, who will operate a challenge 25 policy.
  5. Will you have marquees, staging or other temporary structures at the event? details still tbc, but it will be a similar concert layout for structures as the 2015 events
  6. Do you intend to have any performance involving children? No
  7. Do you intend to have any performance involving animals? No
  8. Do you intend to distribute any leaflets at the event? No
  9. Do you intend to have any charity collections? No
  10. Do you intend to play recorded music of any sort including background music? understood. low level. we will have the details in our noise management plan.

If any of the activities above are marked as YES – Please insert details in event plan: