My Wireless Experience

Help us to learn more about the impact Wireless 2016 has on the surrounding community by contacting us with any incidents you experience...

The Steel Barriers Are Back...

Wireless is back, and so are their steel barriers, once again excluding residents and park users. How can this be allowed to happen in a public park?

Our Appeal

On 9th June 2016 Mr Justice Supperstone, granted permission for judicial review of the Council’s decision to allow the Wireless Festival, on all grounds....


Health and Safety Failings Put Park Users at Risk

As contractors rush to clear the Park after Wireless, serious mistakes are being made. Jeremy writes...

Wireless 2016 Campaign: The Story So Far

Wireless Licence Review: How to make a representation – UPDATE

Jul 27, 2018

We have just received some more advice and clarification on some key points regarding licence review representations, from the Haringey Licensing Authority:  All four licensing objectives are in consideration. The determination of the review will be based only on the four licensing objectives. Residents representations are not limited to the year specified by the FofFP…

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Court of Appeal Refuses Appeal But Make Important Acknowledgment

Nov 16, 2017

The Court of Appeal gave judgment on Thursday 16 November 2017 at 2 p.m. Although the Court of Appeal refused the Friends’ appeal, the judgment is extremely important in that it acknowledges that public parks are held by local authorities on trust for the purpose of public enjoyment and the public are its beneficial owners;…

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Judgement reserved in Court of Appeal

Nov 3, 2017

Yesterday our case was heard by the Court of Appeal (Lord Justices Hickinbottom, Singh and Treacy) in court 70 of the Royal Courts of Justice, and heard argument from the parties (Richard Harwood QC for the Friends of Finsbury Park; George Laurence QC for the Open Spaces Society; Philip Kolvin for Haringey Council and Robert McCracken…

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Our Appeal: What is at Stake?

Oct 30, 2017

As we go to the High Court on Thursday 2nd November to challenge the legal basis on which councils say they have the power to hire out large parts of their public parks for an unlimited period of time for commercial events, here is an explanation of what is at stake and how the outcome could…

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Jeremy Corbyn MP Shows His Support for Protect London’s Parks Campaign

Oct 17, 2017

As the Protect London’s Parks Campaign gathers momentum, three generations of Friends of Finsbury Park Chairs met with the Friend’s patron, Jeremy Corbyn MP on Friday who gave his full support to our campaign and expressed his concern over the use of commercial events in Finsbury Park. He said, “I know and love Finsbury Park,…

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The Friends Launch ‘Protect London’s Parks’ – Fundraising Campaign

Oct 10, 2017

The Friends of Finsbury Park have launched a London-wide fundraising campaign to protect London’s most historic parks by challenging the legal basis on which councils say they have the power to hire out large parts of their public parks for an unlimited period of time for commercial events. We brought judicial review proceedings to challenge…

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Wireless Report 2017

Aug 2, 2017

A public park exists for the free enjoyment of the public. The best way to measure the success of a park is by asking park users. That’s why over the last two weeks, the Friends of Finsbury Park has asked park users to document their experiences of the 2017 Wireless Festival. Since this year’s Wireless…

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Misleading ‘Community Festival’ Causes Concern Among Locals

Jun 23, 2017

As Haringey Council prepare to host Festival Republic’s Wireless 2017 in Finsbury Park, local residents are already questioning the branding of another Festival Republic event, Community Festival, to be held the week before on Saturday 1st July. Community Festival is a £35 per ticket, 35,000 capacity, ticket only event with no local community involvement as the…

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